Casio BEM - 503L - 7AVEF - any good?

Thread: Casio BEM - 503L - 7AVEF - any good?

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    Casio BEM - 503L - 7AVEF - any good?


    doesn't this Casio look great...
    what do you think about it? and anyone know the price?

    i currently have a Casio MTG900D - 2V 2637 and am really happy with it but when i took it to change the battery, they screwed the rubber that's supposed to keep it water resistant. i guess i should be carefull where to bring it for battery change the next time.

    thanks guys!

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    Re: Casio BEM - 503L - 7AVEF - any good?

    $74.50. Personally I prefer the black-faced one. And from the pictures the straps look a bit plasticy. Nice watch though
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