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Thread: CASIO City Code and Atomic Clock...

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    Question CASIO City Code and Atomic Clock...

    I read that the GW-M5610 knows what tower to connect to based on the city code...

    What If I live far from the city but happen to share the same UTC offset... How does it know what transmitter to use...

    Also... In Japan, there are two transmitters, how does it decide which to use??
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    Re: CASIO City Code and Atomic Clock...

    The watch doesn't care WHERE you are located.

    1) You tell the watch what transmitter to use, based on the city code you choose.

    2) The watch "listens" for the signal from that transmitter AND THEN APPLIES the UTC offset, based on the city code you chose.

    3) The watch displays the correct time!

    MOST atomic watch users in the US use "NYC" for a city code, based on the fact that most of the population lives in the Eastern time zone. All our watches show the correct time -- my watch here in Columbus, OH, your watch there in New York, and various "f17" members who live in Georgia, Florida, New England and everywhere in between. It doesn't matter one bit where we are in relation to New York City.

    If you pick a Japanese city as the "home city" the manual doesn't say exactly how the watch "decides" which of the two transmitters to use.

    On the other hand, the manual is QUITE clear about how the watch chooses which signal to use in Europe:

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    I would GUESS that the watch performs in a similar fashion with the Japanese transmitters based on a combination of "which home city is chosen" and "last signal received."

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    Re: CASIO City Code and Atomic Clock...

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