Casio to debut new GPS G-Shock next month

Thread: Casio to debut new GPS G-Shock next month

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    Casio to debut new GPS G-Shock next month

    A GPS G-Shock is coming!

    "Here’s some big news, G-Shock are going to reveal a new GPS-enabled G-Shock at the upcoming Baselworld Watch and Jewellery Fair next month.
    We don’t have any photos yet, but we do know there will be a watched displayed called the G-Shock GPS Hybrid Waveceptor, and it will use GPS
    to immediately get the correct time wherever you are. This will not be a replacement for the Multiband 6 radio system, but will work alongside
    it to nail the right time more precisely in more places than ever – Australia, for example, is not close enough to a Multiband tower to receive
    time data, so the GPS functionality will save some hassle for frequent timezone traversers. We’ll bring you more info and imagery as it comes in…"

    Taken from:

    Sorry i later discovered it was already posted :(
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    Re: Casio to debut new GPS G-Shock next month

    Here's the other thread about the same watch from two days ago:

    11 replies in that one so far.

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