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    Laughing Casio dw-5200 module 240

    I have a dw-5200 gshock and it has a broken screw in the side. I was wondering if anyone knows if this can be fixed. Also the watch has not rubber face or band left I had it so long that they crumbled off. I have had the watch since it was purchased for me a long time ago. I also wondered about selling it and how much it is worth.

    Thanks for any help in these matters. Dale

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    Re: Casio dw-5200 module 240

    i don't think we have a cure for a broken screw

    if only 1 out of the 4 screws is broken, then i think the bezel will still hold
    just that you will have to live with the broken screw

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    Re: Casio dw-5200 module 240

    my 5200 got no screws so i'm using the 5600 protector so it can hold the bezel in place.
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