Casio DW-5700 and DW-5900 Restoration

Thread: Casio DW-5700 and DW-5900 Restoration

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    Casio DW-5700 and DW-5900 Restoration

    Thanks to all of the restoration threads that I have read, I have decided to dive into a couple of my own. I purchased the two watches listed above in definite need of some work. Both are said to be functioning perfectly, but I will see for myself when they arrive. While awaiting their arrival, I have purchased bezels and straps from Brazil. I also purchased new batteries, spring bars, and case seals. I think the part that I am looking forward to the most is the polishing of the crystal and case back. The work that many of you have done is awesome, and I hope to get some nice results for myself. So now I wait for everything to arrive. As soon as it does, and I can tear into them I will begin posting pictures. There is just something about these old G-Shocks that I cannot find with any that I have purchased new.

    I know that it is not advised to try to remove the bezel screws from the 5700. I am guessing that it should not be as much of an issue with the 5900 since it is a resin case. Would this be correct?

    Thanks in advance for any advice,

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    Re: Casio DW-5700 and DW-5900 Restoration

    If you posted pics, can't see 'em right this minute.

    On the steel case 5700, I'd leave the bezel screws alone. The 5900 resin case should be alright though.

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