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Thread: CASIO DW-5800 *691

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    Rolling eyes CASIO DW-5800 *691


    im new here.
    im looking for the bezel and strap for this casio.
    this watch have been 7 year in my drawer. if you have any idea where
    can I get the bezel and strap of this watch please info me..
    and if you all know about the history behind this watch please share with me.
    actually im not a casio person but this watch is a gift from my brother.

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    Re: CASIO DW 5500 *691

    Wow that is a nice one (and valuable)
    I am sure many collectors around here ( myself included) would be happy to get their hands on that.
    They seem to be one of the rarer vintage squares of the 80s

    You can get an original band from ebay.
    Original bezels aren't available anymore, but you can get a reproduction from ebay also.

    PS Your title is wrong, it should be DW5800
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    Re: CASIO DW 5500 *691

    To Davidro :Valuable?? Collectors??? Come on ... :) Check the glass ... specially at the top ... unfixable IMO.
    To nastro cerchio :Get the bezel ( at ebay - not original, but close enough and not that expensive as the original) and wear this beauty ... great watch! And trust me ... if someone knows what you have on your wrist ... hes this forum member ... that's for sure.

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    Re: CASIO DW 5500 *691

    I edited the title.

    cheers, Sedi

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    Re: CASIO DW 5500 *691

    Quote Originally Posted by SheepOnDrugs View Post
    To Davidro :Valuable?? Collectors??? Come on ... :) Check the glass ... specially at the top ... unfixable IMO.

    Lately it seems people don't care about the condition of the vintage watches. It used to be that condition determined value, but I see some beat up watches selling for similar prices of near mint examples. Maybe people who are buying them think they can restore them.

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