Casio DW-9052 & G7900 - A Battery Question
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Thread: Casio DW-9052 & G7900 - A Battery Question

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    Casio DW-9052 & G7900 - A Battery Question

    I messed up. I am completely to blame for this. No one made me read the Casio User’s Guide. It was my choice. I was doing OK right up till the last page.

    Both User’s Guides have a section on the very last page titled “Initial Battery”. The paragraph below this heading states “The battery that comes loaded in your watch when you purchase it is used for function and performance testing at the factory. This type of test battery may go dead quicker than the normally rated battery life as noted in the User’s Guide.”

    My first thought was that many inkjet printer manufacturers do something like this. Some of them include print cartridges in the box with the printer, but they are so called “starter cartridges” that have a very limited supply of ink, less than what would be in a standard printer cartridge.

    My second thought was that my battery powered G-Shocks have operated for a long, long time on these “initial test batteries”.

    Do you think that this information in their User’s Guide is just some legal disclaimer because Casio cannot know how long a watch might sit in inventory before being sold? To me it seems unlikely that Casio would put a “test battery” CR2016 or CR2025 in their watches that would not be relatively equivalent to a replacement battery.

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    Re: Casio DW-9052 & G7900 - A Battery Question

    All batteries that came with new Casios worked for me the full time expected or even longer.
    So maybe this is just an legal disclamer in some markets.
    I didnt find this mentioned in my local soured Casios.

    Usually i found standard Panasonic cells as original batteries in G-Shocks.
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    Re: Casio DW-9052 & G7900 - A Battery Question

    Test battery...
    Casio want to make sure nobody going to sue them because battery life was lower.
    Watch sits on the shelf unknown amount of time, people may play with it, during transportation watch can be exposed to higher or lower temperatures comparing to wrist time... in the end you may get less than you expect so it't just CYA on Casio side.
    They use normal batteries and usually good ones.
    It should be special!

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    Re: Casio DW-9052 & G7900 - A Battery Question

    Thanks for the replies and insights, d2mac and Rocket1991. My experience with G-Shocks is that they under promise and over deliver. I’ll just continue to use and enjoy my G-Shocks.
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