(Casio Edifice 2364) How to tell if the date is broken?

Thread: (Casio Edifice 2364) How to tell if the date is broken?

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    (Casio Edifice 2364) How to tell if the date is broken?

    Issue: turning on position 1 is not changing the date. This watch was bought in a yard sale and I didn't bother testing before handing over the 10 dollars
    Background information: Going past midnight -> 3 am will advance the date and the day subdials and the 24 hour subdial is advancing properly.

    According to the manual, position 1 should allow me to change the date, which I can't seem to do and I suspect that the previous owner killed it by mistake. however going past midnight will advance the date. I know that with most movements, trying to change the date when the date wheel is engage will break it. However at least with seiko 5, if it is broken you can clearly tell that it is because the day/date will never move again. This still seems to advance so I'm hoping that this is a minor issue instead of it just being broken.

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    Re: (Casio Edifice 2364) How to tell if the date is broken?

    Silly question but have you turned the crown in both directions for the date change?

    Failing that, I guess you'll have to turn the hands past midnight 31 times!

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