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    Casio Facility

    I thought I would check on Casio to see how they have faired in all this... since I can't do much else but check and read and check some more. This is what Casio posted.

    Casio said that under the current circumstances, it must complete inspection and assessments before the company feels it can safely reopen its facilities. Because of the unreliability of electricity, and continually developing situation with aftershocks, the company says it will update further at a later time.

    So if that new watch you wanted suddenly is sold out everywhere. Give em a break they are rebuilding too.
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    Re: Casio Facility

    I heard they are shutting the auto plants down too to conserve electricity.

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    Re: Casio Facility

    Casio also has facilities in Thailand, China... I think the events only affect JDM models.
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    Re: Casio Facility

    Casio movements are usually made in Japan. Many models are cased outside Japan. There may be interruptions is supply of many Japanese movements due to the quake/tsunami/radiation related problems.

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