Casio G-Shock 1584 DW-9350MSJ in grey and blue

Thread: Casio G-Shock 1584 DW-9350MSJ in grey and blue

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    Casio G-Shock 1584 DW-9350MSJ in grey and blue

    I bought this watch in 1998 and wore it for a good few years before retiring it. I was now wondering if someone could give me a rough estimation of its value. Aside from slight colouration due to the sun, it is in excellent condition. All original parts and although slightly discoloured, the resin strap is still very supple with no marks. The Mineral crystal screen is un-marked and the watch remains fully watertight.

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    Any information anyone could provide on the value of the watch in its current condition, would be appreciated and if possible, where i would be able to replace the strap for this model, if at all.

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    Re: Casio G-Shock 1584 DW-9350MSJ in grey and blue

    if you have all the box and tags, it may be worth about 80-120 on ebay. parts for that are near impossible. No chance on the bezel. you may be able to find bands, but they may be from a different raysman with a different color. sell it now before it falls abart. I have an old raysman that is falling apart and i dont think it even has value now.

    good luck


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    Re: Casio G-Shock 1584 DW-9350MSJ in grey and blue

    The Raysman was the first solar G-Shock, so it is collectible if in excellent condition with box. Some people like a number of functional and design elements about it, like the yacht timer. The band is notorious for falling apart though, as the outer resin/rubber trim tends to separate from the nylon weave insert. If the band is in good shape and there's no yellowing to the white resin, I agree with bajachild's value estimate. For something like this which is not in high demand, closing auction prices can vary rather significantly.

    As for replacement bands, Casio Sales and Service has had some for the DW-9350 Raysman in their inventory for some time. They do list one for your model, showing a picture of one with off white trim, but described as being light green. You'd have to contact them to clear that up, which part is wrong (the photo or the description).
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