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    Casio G-Shock Tidal Watch 3151

    Can I ask a favor from anyone with a G-shock tidal watch...

    Can you please try setting your watch as if you live in Victoria BC Canada. Here is the website with the proper tidal info based on July 10 2011 Date. So if you start by changing back the date and then set the proper calculations using the info below:

    a. World time is set to Vancouver
    b. Daylight saving should be on
    c. Moon Rise and Set in Victoria BC Canada = Moonrise, Moonset and Moonphase for Canada – British Columbia – Victoria – juni 2011
    d. High Tide low Tide = Tides at Victoria, British Columbia

    These are the settings that I think they should be, however I might be wrong, so if you could please double check using the above information.
    my utc is -8.
    longitude is 123 W
    INT IS 2:06

    Then once you think you have the correct settings advance the date into the future and see if the high tide and low tide match up using the above sites.

    Then post your settings here please please please!!!!!

    I realize it is a lot to ask but I would really appreciate the help if anyone is out there who is willing to do so.

    Thank you so much! I love my Gshock. I'm just really frustrated that I can't figure out the Tide calculations.

    Thanks Wayne

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    Re: Casio G-Shock Tidal Watch 3151

    Moved to main forum.
    I used to list my watches here until I realised it ruined people's Google searches...

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