Casio GW-A1000 1A ? the RAF mod
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Thread: Casio GW-A1000 1A ? the RAF mod

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    Casio GW-A1000 1A – the RAF mod

    Inspired and informed by the posts of GShockMe (thank you), I bought a used (and a bit scruffy) GW-A1000 1A on eBay, and managed to transform it into something clean, low key, more comfortable to wear, and very close to the unobtainable Limited Edition RAF watch.

    Here is the list of parts I ordered from
    - Bezel top: part# 10415139
    - Bezel lower part: part# 10414140
    - Decorative part (the cover for the temperature sensor): part # 10415142
    - The RAF band: GW-A1000RAF-1 (part # 10415097)
    - The 4 small screws on the side of the bezel (gunmetal color): part # 10415141
    - Decorative part: the two small black fake screws at the right of the bezel (top of the watch): part# 10421867

    If you follow GShockMe’s instructions, it takes half an hour to perform the mods. The two pieces forming the bezel are in soft plastic (it almost feels like rubber) and you can pull and twist them to your heart’s content to put them in place.

    I did not order the black buttons that cover the pushers and the crown. I suspect it’s too difficult to change.

    The biggest surprise is that the watch is more comfortable to wear with the RAF band than with the band that comes with the watch (the stainless steel buckle and loop of the GW-A1000-A1 have relatively sharp edges, and the black buckle and plastic loop of the RAF are far less aggressive for the skin of the wrist).

    One last thing – I did it for my personal use, will never present it as a genuine Casio RAF , and I have absolutely no intention of selling it.


    You can see very clearly the difference between the grey band of the RAF and a black band (here a Casio GW-2500).

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    Re: Casio GW-A1000 1A – the RAF mod

    Looks good, nice work..!!!

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    Re: Casio GW-A1000 1A – the RAF mod

    WOW. This such a great project. Now you got a very unique watch. Congrats !!
    Currently wearing "Moby" my Gulfmaster Quad Sensor GWN-Q1000-7AER

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