Had this Gw3000 for about 2 months now. Bought it new and i love it. Its nice, big, it syncs in fine... then what`s the problem?

Well, the other day I looked at the time and noticed that the raised "[" shape bracket at 9 o`clock has a shiny spot on it! What??? I took a magnifier to have a closer look and yes... the bottom portion of the bracket was shinier than the rest of the bracket. I looked at the pic I took of the watch when I got it and there was nothing shiny... the bracket as well as the rest of the dial do not have anything shiny on it. It almost looks like some liquid was either dropped on it - which is impossible - or that the liquid came from the inside of the bracket. There are no other similar "wet spots" but just can`t explain what the heck is it and how did it get there? tryied to take some pics but light is reflected off the cristal and can`t get a good pic.

Anyone has a clue what that shiny/wet spot could be???