This is the second time that the glitch hits my watch. The 2nd time happened while checking for last successful sync. However, this is the first time I was able to fix it quickly by performing a mid day sync. Had to go outside away from any electronics since I have never been able to perform the manual sync inside the house.

Anyway, if you happen to have this watch, and get hit by the glitch; do not worry, just wait for the next sync or try doing a manual sync.

I got this watch just for the Atomic function and I use it to sync many other watches. However, sometimes when I wear it, it just draws me in. The size and composition of the dial is just purrty!

20171009_162920 by Wolfsatz, on Flickr

20171009_175631 by Wolfsatz, on Flickr

20171009_175731 by Wolfsatz, on Flickr