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    Casio Poll

    Do you know how many people around the world wears G-shocks or Protrek? what's the percentage? Another question is : why you love G-shock or Protrek?
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    Question #1: I have franklie no idea. I think here in the Netherlands it's around 1% I guess. I have about 2 students and 3 colleagues wearing ProTrek and/or G-Shock. Withj me that takes 6 people out of 800...

    Question #2: I wear these watches because I'm attracted to them and because they are pretty though. All my other watches (mostly Timex) I had before were scratched within the first days of use.


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    Re: Casio Poll

    Outdoors, I have seen many guys wearing Protreks and G-Shocks, so they're very popular and affordable in Singapore

    I've never liked G-Shock ever since my first purchase with the DW-5900 14 years ago, until recently when I stumbled upon this unknown forum and discover there are many varieties of this brand that intrigued me, particularly the models in the past years

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