Casio PRG-240 vs. PAG-80
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Thread: Casio PRG-240 vs. PAG-80

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    Casio PRG-240 vs. PAG-80

    One is about 90 bucks at local costco... another is 350 ...

    Can someone give me a good reason why would I bother with 240?

    80 is cheap , proven accurate (according to queen6) and durable...

    Both are solar and non atomic...

    Both have duplex display...

    So seriously, why would one bother with 240?

    I love the look of 240 don't get me wrong but I'm trying to understand why would I fork almost 4.5 times more money...

    This especally knowing that 240 module is actually 2000 module and that's nothing more than "dual displayed" 1300 module that's actually minimized verzion of PAG-80/40 module...

    What am I missing here?

    Thanks in advance for help.

    "Do you like having a good time? Then you need a good watch!" - Rocky Balboa, Rocky II, 1979

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    Re: Casio PRG-240 vs. PAG-80

    actually, you can get the 240 for $235. I'll let others comment on the technical stuff.


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    Re: Casio PRG-240 vs. PAG-80

    I've read the 240 module is better, but I don't own one yet so I can't say for sure.

    The 80 rocks! It's one of the best purchases I have made in a long time IMO $90 is a steal. Mine titanium was just over $150 at an REI sale.


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    Re: Casio PRG-240 vs. PAG-80

    $90? Wish I could find it for that.

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    Re: Casio PRG-240 vs. PAG-80

    I do nt have any of these watches, but comparing the manuals, shows that:

    The 240 got 24 hours CDT/STW, the 80 got 60 min CDT and 10 hours STW.

    The 80 got an alti alarm, the 240 dont. There's some differences in their alti logging, for instance the 80 cant measure more frequently than 2 mins, the 240 can do 5 sec. Theres some CDT differences too...

    The 240 got sunset/sunrise, The 240 air pressure is temperature compensated, the 80 aint. In europe, the 80 seems to be discontinued. The 80 dont show current time in baro/temp mode.

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    Re: Casio PRG-240 vs. PAG-80

    I'd go for the PAG-80, especially at this price difference.

    Here's a totally different slant. I've had them both, and the PAG-80 is much more comfortable. The PRD240 I believe (forgive me if I'm wrong here and forget what I'm saying!) comes on a resin strap and bracelet. The bracelet is fine, but on resin strap model is fastened, as I recall, with a hinge at each side of the edge of the case. The PAG-80's strap is fixed to sides of the case and flares outward like a G-Shock strap.

    Now I've had hinge-attached straps in Protreks, Pathfinders and G-Shocks and always find them less comfortable. The strap always binds the sides of my wrist, and the watch seems to want to slip to the side all the time. It never sits comfortably on top of my wrist. It's always a bit unstable.


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    Re: Casio PRG-240 vs. PAG-80

    I picked one up last week here in Canada for $89.00 CAD (Costco's offer that you mention). Queen6's reviews were the clincher for me, but the price had a LOT to do with it. It was a bargain and I simply couldn't leave it in the store.

    So, what do I think? I love it!
    I've not worn any other watch since I got it. What really surprised me is how comfortable it is and that in reality, although large, it wears beautifully. I don't notice it's on my wrist (7 inch) and for a watch that's 52mm wide and 14.2mm or so thick that's quite a feat. I wondered if it would look too big, but it's absolutely fine.
    The usability is also superb - there are no strange button combinations required or confusing menus to get lost in. It's completely intuitive. The large display digits are also the best of any digital watch I've got.

    (As an aside -I recently got my hands on a Suunto Observer which is obviously a very capable tool, but for me it was too complicated with its many sub-levels etc. I returned it because I quickly realised that after a day of hiking in the wet that it's simply too difficult to remember all of the functions and how to access / use them).

    The PAG 80 might not be the most sophisticated or glamorous ABC, but it feels rock solid (it's built like a tank) and does exactly what it's designed for very well. The lack of Alti or Baro lock doesn't bother me at all - drift can be easily corrected in any case and compass calibration is a breeze. The crystal is also well protected unlike the 2000 models. By the way it does seem that the PAG 80 is in some way thermo-compensated. I compared it to my PRG100 (which evidently isn't) and my St. Moritz VS-1 (which is). The PAG 80 showed no erratic measurements associated with quick temperature changes of +/- 25 oC. The PRG100 went wild, the St. Moritz was stable.

    I'd been contemplating a 2000 model or a 240, but given the price difference for the (IMO) non-essential additional features, I'm very pleased I opted for the PAG 80. I know I'll have no worries about babying it and will actually use it.

    I highly recommend it to anyone interested in getting an ABC watch.
    I'd go for it - for $90 CAD you really can't go wrong!
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    Picture Re: Casio PRG-240 vs. PAG-80

    The 80 does appear to be thermally compensated to some degree as several members of the forum have tested them with the vast majority indicating a strong tolerance for rapid temperature change.

    As some have already found, the 80 is now a cracking deal due to deep discounting, the big PRG has never been more accessible. The 240 is definitely the beter tool on paper, however time will tell if it can replace the 80 as Casio`s number one field tool, the 80 has over five years of proven heavy field use, and as has already been stated in previous posts always remains comfortable. I will get a 240, and I suspect it will wear very much like the PRG-40, in which case the bracelet will offer the better comfort level.

    The PRG -80 can be difficult to sum up, however; there is a trade off between capability and usability, as far as I know, no one has figured out how to achieve maximum capability and maximum usability in the same device. In prospect the capability seems more important than usability; in practice the reverse is true, and this is where the PRG-80 shines.


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