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    Casio Pro Trek Triple Senor

    Hi to all, I'm a new poster to this great forum and I have a problem that needs your help. Can anyone here help me with finding/buying a single link to my Casio Pro Trek triple senor (PRG-40) (2271)Titanium band? I have called all of the Casio dealers/repair shops on the web and by phone with no help so far. They all want to sell me the entire watch band for 60.00 dollars. Can anybody help me on this quest for the single link? :thanks

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    Re: Casio Pro Trek Triple Senor

    u could try posting at "Wanted To Buy" forum and hope for the best.

    ill bump this up to let other ure looking for a single link.
    "My watch buying policy reaches up to $29.99. PM me if interested" - Vintage

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    Re: Casio Pro Trek Triple Senor

    There are a few owners of this model here...

    ...I'm sure one could spare you a link; unless they all have wrists like a gorilla.

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