Casio Protrek 2500, dosent fit my wrist

Thread: Casio Protrek 2500, dosent fit my wrist

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    Casio Protrek 2500, dosent fit my wrist

    I had copy/paste this text which describes my problem well:

    From bajochild:
    Well, I'm sending mine back, so there's one more for others. It doesnt fit the wrist properly. The short strap with the buckle is too short. When I wear it with my regular looseness, the buckle is more on the side of my wrist. It wants to gravitate towards the bottom/middle of the wrist, therefore sliding the watch face over the top of my wrist away from me, not even flat on the wrist. Bummer, but I refuse to live with it.

    and the extra thickness on the strap to keep the keeper in place sucks, too. I like the keeper at the end of the strap, not near the buckle.


    Well i just love this watch, and i diseded to keep it..
    I changed my braclets and now the watch fits perfectly on my wrist

    I've tried to match the colors of the stitching with the watch colors (Text one the dail N and COMP, BARO, ALTI) and I think that the result is okay..

    Here some pictures..

    Regards Henrik Andersen
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