Casio uses Citizen (Miyota) movements?

Thread: Casio uses Citizen (Miyota) movements?

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    Casio uses Citizen (Miyota) movements?

    I had no idea the movements in the MDV-106 and MRW-200 are made by Citizen.
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    Re: Casio uses Citizen (Miyota) movements?

    If you are interested, here's a list of common quartz Miyotas:

    Miyota Quartz Movements 2005 thru 2S65 Series

    I wonder where they start using their own? I am curious as to what the Edifice line uses. Casio still uses their own module designator (e.g. 2784 is the Miyota 2115) so one would likely have to open up the watch to see what's written on the movement.

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