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    Champing Trip With A Dw-5600e

    Hi, How a you guys doing?
    Just came back from champing with my mates from school. I wore my DW-5600 along for the three days trip. It was a much needed R&R trip away. Anyway all I wanted to said is that the watch perform flawlessly in such harsh condition:
    1) For the whole three days the weather was somewhere between 0-8 at night and 15-20 degrees . I even submerge it in really cold lake water, it didn't even miss a beat.
    2) I swim with it on aday long.
    3) I was basicly bring really ruff with it. It was really hard to scratch the dail because of how it was design.
    No matter what I did, it did with me. No matter what I put it throught, it just keep on but it just kept on thicking. But the main thing is that I know that if something did happen to it, I can alway buy other.
    .... :gold LONG LIVE THE G KING :gold .....

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    Hi Mick,

    a G-Shock or ProTrek are the ultimate Outdoor mates, and the DW-5600 is no exeption. I'm already considdering what I will take with me on vacation


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