Cheap G-Shock Quality Issues?
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Thread: Cheap G-Shock Quality Issues?

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    Cheap G-Shock Quality Issues?

    hey guys,
    I wanted to get a Gshock soon (something along the lines of the GA-100CF-8AER, preferably the grey housing with camo face). And on Amazon (I dont want to get it from there) some reviews reported about bad visibility because of the dark screens. And now ive been unsure about it being a good readable watch.
    So are those "affordable" G-Shocks good? I dont really want to use more than 100€ on it because its going to be rarely used (only when I am doing something which could hurt my other watches)

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    Re: Cheap G-Shock Quality Issues?

    That's nothing to do with it being cheap, it's because it's an ana-digi with no backlight for the digital screens. If you want readability, get a full digital, the ana-digi's are more fashion than function.

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    Re: Cheap G-Shock Quality Issues?

    For the Casio ana-digis illuminators you can have 2 extremes:
    1. only hands are visible (ga-1XX series)
    2. only digital are visible (G-100)

    In the current lineup there is no watch that does both, not even the 2k$ MRGs.

    Either you can live with analog only on the GA-100 or you choose one digital which is alway perfectly lit (like lanky already mentioned)

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    Re: Cheap G-Shock Quality Issues?

    If you REALLY want legibility, get a positive display full digital (dark numbers on a light background) G-Shock.

    Here in the US, the DW-5600E is $40 at Amazon, and despite being "cheap" it's been around for 20 years without any "quality issues."

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    Re: Cheap G-Shock Quality Issues?

    I have seen pretty noticeable defects on G-shocks costing over $1000, and I have seen $40 G-shocks that were perfect. Price has nothing to do with it. Casio doesn't seem to have any better quality control on the expensive versus the cheap G-shocks. That said, quality control issues are rare and they make good products in general.
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