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    Cheapest Frogman

    Hello there,

    I know that the term cheap and Frogman do not go well together but I was wondering which is the cheapest model of Frogman? Can you recommend me even via PM a shop that sells authentic Frogman models?

    Thank you

    P.s I am getting bitten by the bug Frogman.

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    Re: Cheapest Frogman

    i would say at the moment one of the cheapest to get is the last that was in production. the final frogman, gw-200z! you can find it on auction for about 220 to 240 euro shipped, brandnew of course.

    the next best option would be a MIRB, gw-200ms. dont know the price at the moment. but you can find them used here on forum sometimes. (recently less often).

    go for the final frogman, or invest a bit more money and get a master blue gw-225c, my favourite frogman, and the only i have and will have. but be ready to invest 300 euro, more or less.

    tell us when u get it!
    gerry fonklover

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    Re: Cheapest Frogman

    Quote Originally Posted by flori78 View Post
    I know that the term cheap and Frogman do not go well together but I was wondering which is the cheapest model of Frogman?
    The cheapest Frogman is a used frogman. DW-6300's, 8200's,9900's, and GW-200's can be found second-hand and at various prices. Sometimes you can find a "steal", and other times they are priced out of the range of all but the most profligate buyers. The cheapest Frog I have is my daily-wear DW-8200, which I bought for $60. It needed a new strap and bezel, so for $110, I had a "refurbished Frog".

    You will not find a cheap new Frog. They seem to have always been lots of $$ BNIB. Even more for special editions.
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    Re: Cheapest Frogman

    Looks like the MS and the Final Frog are fairly close. For a while the MS was as low as $239 US but they both are around $280-330.

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    Re: Cheapest Frogman

    just out of curiosity and also because i am tempted to buy a frogman and see what everyone is raving about - but is there a big difference in functions between the gw200z and the gwf1000 - for example? just from a brief glance the functions looked similair but obviously the design & materials have changed with the times

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    Re: Cheapest Frogman

    The cheapest Frogman you can buy brand new right now is either the GF-8250-9 Yellow Frogman or the GW-200Z Final Frogman.
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    Re: Cheapest Frogman

    Back in July of last year when this thread was active, it was clearly the 200Z. Now it's clearly the yellow 8250. This assuming you're talking new watches, not used.
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    Re: Cheapest Frogman

    Quote Originally Posted by stpete View Post
    Back in July of last year when this thread was active, it was clearly the 200Z. Now it's clearly the yellow 8250. This assuming you're talking new watches, not used.
    let's hope that the nice new GF8250 becomes available at a similar price.........'cos I'm not going to pay what's being asked on ebay!

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    Re: Cheapest Frogman

    Before you pull the trigger on any Frogman, check the availability of parts. The MIRB Frogman was made in 2009, but straps are virtually impossible to find anywhere, so a low priced watch may well be expensive down the road a piece. The Final frogman still has affordable parts & is a good buy

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    Re: Cheapest Frogman

    Might as well necro this not-too-old thread instead of starting a new one- for the exact same thing!

    I too, have become interested in cheap frogmen, but I find it a bit confusing also, with all the model numbers spanning several thousands
    e.g. 6300, 8200 9900 200 Argh! what a mess!
    So I will start from the start- the ones that don't say 'Frogman'.

    Here is my question:
    I wonder if you can check out this Frogman i saw on Taobao, it only costs $20-30
    I wonder is it a 6300 original frog- with the bulb light and the back that says 'Shock Resistant' ( instead of the frog icon)?
    Is there anyway to know, just by looking at the front?

    If so how easy is it to get the resin? I saw some knock-off bezels on Taobao too for around $20 too

    Is it worth a dabble?
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