choosing first g-shock, help!!!!

Thread: choosing first g-shock, help!!!!

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    choosing first g-shock, help!!!!

    Hello all out there in computer-land,

    I am looking to get my first G-shock becuase I have destroyed a Timex Ironman, and am in the process destroying the 2nd, all in the last year at work. I am putting my self though school working 2 jobs, a chef and a golf course grounds maintenance worker at the local golf course. Thus I am looking for something that will take the beating in the kitchen, getting bumped and banged and heat in the oven. At the golf course I need something that again will take the bumps and bangs along with the sand, water, dirt and mud. I also ski and mountain bike, and would be wearing this all day every day.

    It seems like a G-Shock fits the bill. If not let me know. However the bill is set for preferbly around $100, but with a absolute max of $140. I want all the features packed in as i can get around that price, and i know it may not be much. I would like things like; Atomic Timekeeping, Solar-powered, Low Temperature Resistance and some sort of dust-mud resistance. I would also prefer the MS (Military Stealth) color, I just think it looks the best, but am not 100% set on the color.

    I hope this isn't too big of a challange, other suggestions are very welcome also.
    Thanks in advance,

    And a special thanks to Ol'DaidEye for directing to the proper forum!

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    The Riseman GW-9200 would be a great starter.

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    Re: choosing first g-shock, help!!!!

    And A GW-2310FB-1? looks pretty stealthy to me.....
    "Speed has never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary...That's what gets you." J.C.

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