Chrisek's current Square Journey
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Thread: Chrisek's current Square Journey

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    Chrisek's current Square Journey

    What if I told you that one year ago I only owned one Square? . Well, it's true.

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    The trusty G5600KG-3. Took me a long time to get used to it. I've never thought of squares as "attractive" watches, though appreciated the intelligent design. Even today I don't consider myself a square collector, though as you'll see, I meet the definition to some degree.

    The 2nd Square was "the standard". The modern one all Squares are compared to. Many many threads "should I or shouldn't I?" to death. I chose to and happy I did.

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    I consider one of my strengths is learning from other's experiences. The purpose of this thread is to share, and laugh at myself. Too many times I've read various threads about getting into squares and I always thought: "that's not me". So I find it amusing how much I enjoy them and how many I now have.

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    Of course, no one could have predicted what a year 2013 would be for squares. And it was very easy to get caught up in. Being very late to the Square party, I got the next one simply because we thought it might be the only 30th Anniversary Screwback (or Project Team Tough for that matter) released that year. Of course I am talking about the Resist Black DW-5030C.

    Name:  5030D Face (19).jpg
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    I decided to get it on the grounds that if I would try to pursue it in 2-3 years it may cost significantly more. Justification is always easy for us right? I enjoy the appearance of this one very much.

    Name:  5030D Face (18).jpg
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    One interesting note about it is that it is the only Ion Plated case. This picture doesn't show it well,but it is more of a matte black.

    Name:  5030D Face (20).jpg
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    Little did anyone know that the bomb was about to drop. The GW-T5030C. Limited to 200 Worldwide. A legitimate grail. And my first real grail from new.

    Name:  5030D Face (6).jpg
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    Fantastic watch. Easily my #1 watch I have. This should be my end-all be-all square. Shouldn't even bother getting another. I started reducing my collection after getting this.

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    Of course it grew again after

    The "Carbon Wave". For lack of a better term, this wave was never officially named. Many also refer it to "30 Stars"

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    As a former competitive cyclist and long time recreational motorcyclist, I simply cannot resist Carbon Fiber or Titanium
    This wave consisted of 4 watches, 3 of which are squares. 2 in the infamous G-Set. I got the G-Set for one in particular.

    Name:  5030D Face (1).jpg
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    Name:  5030D Face (21).jpg
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    Yes, Carbon Fiber Project Team Tough! Satisfied and worth the price of admission. The other half of the G-Set didn't even matter. Fortunately the other half was a stunner!

    Name:  5030D Face (13).jpg
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    The unexpected beauty of this watch was completely unexpected. Caught me completely off guard. Love how simple and clean the design and graphics. Silver/chrome highlights abound.

    Name:  5030D Face (15).jpg
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    The screwback is also wonderful. I've also decided I don't need to pursue the 20th or 25th Project Team Tough editions because of this watch.

    Name:  5030D Face (16).jpg
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    Name:  5030D Face (17).jpg
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    Simple and stunning. Love it.

    There was actually another square in this wave! The GW-M5630D.

    Name:  5030D Face (23).jpg
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    Solar, atomic, carbon fiber goodness right there. What more could a kid ask for? Well, there was still one more coming out in 2013 I was due to procure.

    Name:  5030D Face (10).jpg
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    This was a collateral purchase. I found last year that if I wanted to get a grail (such as the GWT, or in this case a certain Ti Frog) it was easier to land in my lap if I simply got the whole wave. In short, this is another one I really didn't intend to purchase. Thinking I would end up flipping it, I ended up falling for it.

    Name:  5030D Face (11).jpg
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    Originally didn't care much for the gold accents with the black and yellow, it turns out I really enjoy it now.

    Name:  5030D Face (9).jpg
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    Simply put, like the Resist Black, I really like how the colors come together.

    I didn't get all the squares that came out in '13, that is OK. Happy to say I don't have the need to get the set. I did kick off 2014 with one I've admired for quite some time.

    Name:  5030D Face (4).jpg
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    The Globe. Definitely not a watch for you if ease of telling time is important I also got this in an effort to not "go back" to get the ML. I'm actively trying not to purchase any more DW's as they are lacking one important feature for me: World Time. And I'm trying to avoid possible resin rot of a 14 year old watch. Keeping this watch for a while, though I think it is failing on it's intended purpose.

    There still a couple of other squares I'm interested in. One I'm actively hunting, and 2-3 that are definitely on my mind. Another 2-3 I still debate on (that darn World Time getting in the way again). All I can say is watch this space.

    I don't collect squares, and I'm not a G-Shock collector. Enjoy your G's whether one or 600+, share your stories, and let's have a great time.
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    Re: Chrisek's current Square Journey

    That's an amazing collection!

    I am drooling all over the place now.....
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    Re: Chrisek's current Square Journey

    Awesome square collection.

    It's the squares I like best and what I look at when planning my next new G-Shock purchase.
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    Re: Chrisek's current Square Journey

    The origin of all g's! amazing collection, I'm a big fan of them to, and I'm scared to let me go as you:)
    Congrats on that Chris, keep us presented with your amazing collection.
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    Re: Chrisek's current Square Journey

    Amazing write up once again!

    That's why I love squares, simple, yet elegant.
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    Re: Chrisek's current Square Journey

    Quote Originally Posted by Chrisek View Post

    Name:  5030D Face (3).jpg
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    ...I don't collect squares, and I'm not a G-Shock collector....
    *Rofl* best quote ever

    Enjoy your "small non-collective" collection and a little song for you my friend, back from the good old '80's

    Huey Lewis And The News - Hip To Be Square - YouTube

    We are 12.6 %

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    Re: Chrisek's current Square Journey

    Terrific Chris. Absolutely great and I gotta say your presentation is absolutely top notch Fabulous. Well done

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    Re: Chrisek's current Square Journey

    haha awesome!!! very funny! it's a good thing you haven't felt the need to start collecting or even become a collector, imagine how things might have gotten out of hand!
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    Re: Chrisek's current Square Journey

    Nice to see that you haven't been infected with the G Shock addicts virus Chris.

    I mean the very idea you might actually have a 'collection'!

    No you are clearly in full control. Yes you definitely are in control, clearly, honestly, no question about it, who could imagine otherwise, its all perfectly normal, you are not the slightest bit odd, everybody can see that......wibble, wibble wibble!

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    Re: Chrisek's current Square Journey

    That's an amazing non collection
    Wear them in good health!

    Thanks for sharing

    Of the record...

    OMG what am I doing...
    I must not read and react on posts like this as a non collector with allready 4 squares in a few weeks....

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