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    Timex T498549J (and a T49660 for my son but thats another story) Arrived today, What I liked so far:

    1- Easy to understand in less than 20 minutes (have the instruction embedded when you press the button it tell what to do for set the hour or anything).
    2- Easy to see, big digits, almost at any angle (compared against my riseman).
    3- Love the vibrating alarm (thats why I buy it).
    4- Don't know why the chrono looks so entertainment to me (no bored like in the casio)
    5- Timer can be set to the second (love this feature too).
    6- Amaze me the alarm can be set weekly, weekend, daily. (I think most g-shocks can´t and hate to wake up weekends cause forgot to turn off the alarm).
    7- Very light I feel like not wearing a watch at all (Pretty sure I was used to the heavy g-shocks).
    8- Like my riseman can show me a second hour with one touch of a button or change to the desired hour if I keep pressed (for like 2 secs) the same button.
    9- Light digits and not all the screen its wonderful for me (like a negative display but only in the night) very clear.
    10- MM/DD or DD/MM (day-month) (the last one is the one I use in my country, but my g-shocks only give me 1 choice the first one)

    What I don't like so far:

    1- Looks cheap feels cheap (if that have any sense).
    2- Not fashion (but hey I like practical things anyway).
    3- I don't know but I think he is not designed to avoid scratch in the glass or designed to resist any shock (just my though)
    4- Only 3 times (Not going to call it world time cause is not programmed to any city) not a big deal for me cause I only travel from Panamá to Spain so 2 or 3 hours is enough.
    5- Not showing the hour in timer, chrono or alarm mode (my riseman can).

    I love it but I have to be careful with him is not like I´m going to beat it against anything like my other g-shocks, but in a practical way hope this module was enclosed in a G-shock case, and it will be my favorite everyday use watch. enough said.

    G-shocks Owners (included myself) hate me if you want but I cant hide the sun with my finger.
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    Re: A contender appears...

    Not my cup of tea, especially the -to me- disproportionate digits, but the feature set is impressive. You'll need different Gs for similar features (vibration, more flexible alarms). But you seem to like it a lot, so congrats and wear in good health!

    Take good care of the acrylic crystal which seems to have little protection from the bezel.

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    Re: A contender appears...

    These watches have great modules.

    Try the Ironman Shock models if you're looking for a tougher package that's more comparable to a G.

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