Couldn't resist
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    Couldn't resist

    Up until about two years ago, my everyday watch was a Rolex Submariner. Then I pulled the trigger on a GW4000-1A that I found great and practical for when I'm spending a lot of time treating patients in the hopsital.

    I have never been a huge digital watch fan, but pulled the trigger today. I know there are many other fancier gshocks with many more features, but while flipping through the Internet today I found the iconic and classic DW-9052-1V on sale at Target for $34.99. It was $49.99 with 30% off with promo code joy30 with free shipping and free returns. It's a watch that I really don't need, and I preder solar atomic, but for 35 bucks I couldn't resist. So I tnought I'd let everyone know especially if they're looking for an inexpensive gift for someone or yourself. I'd appreciate if anyone has any comments about the actual watch. Once again, I know it's not filled with high tech features, but for the price I couldn't resist. Hope everyone has a happy holiday, no matter which one you celebrate!
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    Re: Couldn't resist

    Congrats on your terrific deal! Welcome to the G-Shock collectors fold.
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    Re: Couldn't resist

    Thanks for the heads up, thats a great price for a great watch.

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    Re: Couldn't resist

    Nice watches you have chosen.
    It's nice to have Solar and Atomic, but what I've noticed I'm prefering more and more watches that comes without them. They are usually more accurate.
    There's a watch in my pocket and it's hands are broken, the face is blank but the gears are turnin'.

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    Re: Couldn't resist

    welcome aboard.

    sucks to be your wallet.

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