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    Question Count Down Timer (CDT)

    Could someone please explain to me what the problem with 'only' having a 60 minute CDT is? I have never needed to time something longer than that, at least not that accurately. If I need more than that, I just use one of the many alarms available. They are good to the minute, and that should be fine.

    However, I see many that say only having a 60 minute CDT is a deal breaker, and I do not understand it.

    Thanks for any 'splainin'

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    Re: Count Down Timer (CDT)

    60 minutes is fine by me, in fact I prefer it.

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    Wink Re: Count Down Timer (CDT)

    I use a countdown timers a lot on the lab to time experiments. I often I need a countdown timer tha thas a longer range than 60 minutes.


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    Re: Count Down Timer (CDT)

    a 24h CDT is very useful, although one doesn't need the whole 24 hours all the time. I use mine a lot when parking the car in the city. most places are allowed only to park for two hours, so a 60min CDT is simply to short. of course you can alternatively set an alarm for a dedicated time, buts its more easy to active the preset CDT with one single button push.

    also for purposes when you want to time a specific event, it can be useful to set the CDT for this time and you will have the current time also available in the display, because another angrily thing with a lot of casio watches is, that they do NOT show the time when using the stopwatch.

    regards, holger
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    Re: Count Down Timer (CDT)

    60 min is not enough, football game is 90 minutes, some cooking needs more than 60 min, when u are on the train to know when you arrive, etc.
    sometimes i set it for 8 hours, so i know when i can leave work...

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    Re: Count Down Timer (CDT)

    60 minutes is usually enough for me. It's never been a deal-breaker, though I'd rather have a 24 hour CDT. I use mine for cooking and sometimes things take more than 60 minutes. Alarms would suffice, but I'd prefer to see the time remaining at a glance.
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    Re: Count Down Timer (CDT)

    There are plenty of things that need timing for more than one hour, and where time remaining is what you're interested in.

    Personally, I don't need 24 hours, but anything less than three is a handicap. I will still buy watches with a 60 minute timer, but am always conscious that they're not as functional as they should be.
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    Re: Count Down Timer (CDT)

    60 minutes is okay for the most part, but I use mine for timing jobs at work and sometimes the cycle is longer than 60 minutes. In fact work is the only place I use the CDT.

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    Re: Count Down Timer (CDT)

    I never need a timer for more than 1 hour, yes the examples given are valid but I would use something else. So Casio keep making the modules with 60min CDT's...means more available for me

    I have several G's that have some semi complicated features...don't use any of them, I buy watches for the look not what is inside the case. If I wanted specific performance watches then sorry I would look to other brands as in (very) general terms G Shocks all tend to be similar.

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    Re: Count Down Timer (CDT)

    The point would be that you can use the alarm but that would predicate you starting what you're timing at a certain pointif you want exact measurements.

    Want a reminder 3hrs from now, you have to set the alarm 3hrs and 2mins from now (for example) and wait to start what you're timing till the alarm is exactly 3hrs away and rarely are alarms able to be set to the second. Making you wait at least till the top of a minute. I'm sure this seems trivial but x100 it'll get bothersome.

    With CDT just set it to 3hrs start when you're ready (not when the watch is ready) and push the button. Doesn't matter if it's 16:22:00 or 16:22:18, you call the shots, not the watch or the time of day.

    It's the difference between equipment driven and user driven behavior. If you do it a lot you want to be the one in control, not your measurement devices. If you're paying for the equipment get what fits your needs best.

    In my mind this is the argument in a nutshell. That said I don't think I could tell you if I have a CDT that goes over 60mins for sure.

    ...just checked, the 7710s go to ~100hrs so I do. Not much use to me however ...yet :)
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