Count down timer help please!!

Thread: Count down timer help please!!

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    Question Count down timer help please!!

    Hello to all of you guys in G-Shock land. It is way past the time to upgrade my G-Shock which has been a fantastic, super reliable friend. I need a Module that will give me a Count down timer of greater than 12 hrs and in large digits.
    I have 2 Watches in mind, both in Titanium.
    PAW 2000T module 3172
    PRG 110T module 3071
    I have read and re read the user guides and now have myself totally confused.
    Can i set the count down timer in hours and mins in the large easy to read middle part of the screen for both of these modules or must i set the hours in the small digits in the top section of the screen and then have mins and seconds only in the large digits which are in the centre of the screen? I hope this makes sense to someone out there.
    My eyes are not as good as they used to be and i would like very much to remain a G-shock wearer. A large digit display such as the ones in the models i listed earlier would be just great for me but a Count down timer is a work essential. I was really hoping that i could find a Titanium model that has the same large digit display in a 24 hr count down mode.
    Thank you in advance for any help you guys may be able to give me.
    Please feel free to suggest any other models that you may think would fit my requirements. I purchased a Momentum V1-2 which is a great looking piece, sapphire crystal and all thinking it would have a 24hr Count down. I thought wrong!!
    Thanks again.
    Cheers to all.

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    Re: Count down timer help please!!

    Unfortunately, from what the manual says, the hours are set in the small digits.

    The only one I know of that has big digits and the type of timer you want(but NO TITANIUM) is this little guy:

    Module 3157:
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    Re: Count down timer help please!!

    Thank you very much for taking the time to help me out Watch1000.
    Best regards.

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    Re: Count down timer help please!!

    Some suggestions for G-Shocks with big digits:
    G-3011 (biggest I saw so far)
    I think the G-8900 has pretty large digits, too.
    G-7800 maybe - has a great timer, too with presets and one custom timer - setable to the second and with either auto-repeat, count-up or count-down.
    G-7600 if you can find one.

    cheers, Sedi

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