Current Atomics w/Signal Strength Indicators

Thread: Current Atomics w/Signal Strength Indicators

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    Current Atomics w/Signal Strength Indicators

    What current modules or models of Casio's Atomic Gs have signal strength indicators that are normally visible? As opposed to just during receiving. It's a useful and interesting feature; I'm pretty disappointed that it's getting hard to find.

    I may be confused, but I'm looking at the GW-6900 and aren't seeing one, same for the GWM-5610.

    Anyone have any insights on this?
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    Re: Current Atomics w/Signal Strength Indicators

    Since it's not an actual real-time "signal strength indicator," but a "historical indicator of what the signal strength WAS during the last 'receive' mode," perhaps Casio thinks that it's not as interesting (or that many of its customers don't think it's as interesting) as it is to you?

    I live 1,200 miles from Ft. Collins and all of my solar/atomics normally synch every night. When I have walked past the dresser at, say, midnight or 1 AM and looked at them synching, they routinely show a "full" or "3" signal strength. Unless I lived in a "fringe reception area" that's not really "news" I need to know about the next day.

    I think that it's probably more important for many of us to know IF the watch synched the previous night, rather than "how strong the signal was when it attempted to synch."

    The only solar/atomics I have that show the previous synch's signal strength are the old two-band GW-5600J and the "old" version of the MTG-900 -- I DO find it interesting that Casio removed that feature from the newly revamped MTG-M900 -- it used to be in the bottom right part of the display, next to the little "satellite dish" icon, but no longer: MTGM900DA-8 - Classic - Mens Watches | Casio - G-Shock
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