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    Custom dye question

    After being inspired by this thread

    I'm going to attempt a new project of my own, an urban camo g!

    My main question is about the dye job, i've never dyed before so i'm unsure how to get the 'strips' look

    What kind of tape should i use to prevent t coming off during boiling?

    Also, any recommendations on the base colour?

    I'm thinking white g, with grey and black dye job

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    Re: Custom dye question

    I'd just follow lexvil's advice in the tutorial thread and use masking tape. Seemed to work for him.

    Personally, I'd prefer a Snow-Camo deign to the Sand-Camo colours.

    Good luck and post pics when you're done.

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    Re: Custom dye question

    I'd be interested to see the results. It has slipped my mind but I thought of doing the same. Just start with white and work your way through as many progressively darker shades of gray you'd care to have.

    Urban, snow ...same thing:
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