Customized G-7000D-8V and an off-topic update

Thread: Customized G-7000D-8V and an off-topic update

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    Cool Customized G-7000D-8V and an off-topic update

    Okay, so I haven't been around too much lately . Sorry for this off topic beginning, but I wanted to update anybody interested. If you'd like, you can skip down to the "*" below.

    I was unexpectedly (and unceremoniously) let go from my former employer on 8/5/09. It was the most stressful and scary time I have been in recently. Mostly because I worried about my son and wife. I was the "bread winner" and this put a serious impact on our finances.

    Many of my watches were put up for sale, and subsequently sold (I think I ended up selling about 13 or 14 of them ). I got a lot of very nice comments from members here too. Those comments and well wishes, along with some prayers I believe netted me a part-time position at the same state college I graduated from 9 years ago.

    I'm now an instructor at a premier college in Ohio for Automotive Transportation Technology (Stark State University). I actually have two jobs there (both only part-time though ). The other job is labeled as a "Lab Assistant" . Put together, I should be able to get the bills paid now, which I'm very thankful for. We have buckled down and tried to plan out getting debts down to relieve the payments going out. It will be tough going for awhile, but we're faithful that it will turn out for the best.


    Now, down to the point of this thread .

    I had posted my G-7000D-8V up for sale when this all happened. I was trying to just offer up a wide variety of watches for sale, but noticed that this model has always been harder for me to sell. I think it was because of the subpar finish. It looked as if someone had tried to rebrush it...and they did a rather poor job. Plus, it was sized to my 7.25" wrist and I had no matching spare links. On top of all that...this had become my "beater" so more wear was it should be for a G .

    After getting my current job, I realized I had access to a very useful tool (see if you can guess what). So...after disassembling the watch (and if you have this model or one of the GL-7000 models or any mostly steel's a major pain to get it fully disassembled) I snapped some photos for "before". Then, took it to work and refinished the stainless parts. Brought it home, got some "in-progress" photos, and lastly assembled it for the "after" shots. What's also cool is I got to clean it's surprising just how many places "wrist crud" can hide .

    Not the best photography I'm sure, but hopefully you'll like it. I still need to repaint the bezels, but that shouldn't be a big deal. The cool part is I managed to find in my parts drawers two links that matched the installed links nearly perfectly...the only problem was they were PVD'd. They were modified as well and came out just right.

    Enjoy the show...


    23 part groups there...

    closeup of the bezel to show the wear/finish "before"

    wear/finish on the bracelet

    more of the bracelet

    spare links in PVD

    check out how thick the bezel is! It's a really solid chunk of SS

    Nasty gunk on the module

    another shot of the gunk

    Cleaned up and blasted

    compared to "before" this module is sparklin' . also notice the spare links now match everything

    gathered parts to show matching new finish

    closeup of the bezels


    all done!

    decent shot here

    nice shot of the bracelet

    And what's cool about all this?? It didn't even cost $0.01 .
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    Re: Customized G-7000D-8V and an off-topic update

    Let me be the first to say congrats on the job situation improving (we in California are no strangers to tough times, I think half the people I know have either lost jobs, benefits,their home,or all three!)

    Anyhow, the watch looks great! You could run a clandestine beadblasting operation

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    Re: Customized G-7000D-8V and an off-topic update

    We're not strangers to these hard times in NY either. Congratulations on finding a port in the storm. And you never know what good things may follow from these gigs.

    Great job on the watch and great pics!

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    Re: Customized G-7000D-8V and an off-topic update

    i am really interested as to what material you used for the customization, the finish is great!

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    Re: Customized G-7000D-8V and an off-topic update

    Most impressive! Well done.

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    Re: Customized G-7000D-8V and an off-topic update

    Great mod! Looks so much better this way

    I'm really glad that you're back on your feet as well. I'm actually laid off at the moment myself - got axed several months ago
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    Re: Customized G-7000D-8V and an off-topic update

    great to read this on all levels. thanks for sharing. :thanks

    that's really something else that you had those links kickin' about! i really like the refinish job. you're beater is now seriously upgraded!
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    Re: Customized G-7000D-8V and an off-topic update

    First of all, congrats on the new job(s), getting one these days seems like an impossible mission,
    so you must be good at what you do
    Second - your bead blasted mod is beautiful, makes this model a real "tool", IMHO better than the original.
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    Re: Customized G-7000D-8V and an off-topic update

    great work as always, my friend...

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    Re: Customized G-7000D-8V and an off-topic update

    Nice work. Thanks for all the photos.

    Sorry to hear about the rough patch. It sounds like you met the challenge nicely though. I hope you'll have the pleasure of building up the collection in the near future.

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