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    Wink Damn you BuzzBait..

    After looking at those awesome pics of the Dawn Black Frogman, I just had to order it from casio before they were all sold out. I love the gold on black accents and the clarity of the display. It will be the first frogman added to my casio collection. So far my G-shock collection includes a MTG-1000G, MRG-7500 and a GS-1000J-1AJF so I need a digital display model to go with all the analogs.

    A quick question on the frogman model. Do these special addition frogman models usually appreciate in value over time in they are keep in good or new condition ??
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    Re: Damn you BuzzBait..

    Hehehehehe....... This is the price that we all must pay for venturing upon these lands.

    You'll love the Froggie. It's breathtaking.

    I'm not really sure how much the DB Frog will go up in value. Unlike most Frogmen, the Dawn Blacks appears to have been made in quite large quantities. There's no doubt that it will appreciate in value, since it's a Frogman. But how much it will appreciate, remains to be seen.

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    Re: Damn you BuzzBait..

    Heh heh heh, I have cursed and thanked Buzz on quite a few occasions as well....Keep up the great shots Buzz! Casio owes you some commissions

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