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Poll: What do you like more between the month and day digits? (compare e.g. GW-M5600 vs GW-M5610)

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Thread: Date separator

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    Date separator

    What character do you like more between the month and day in the date field?
    (compare e.g. GW-M5600 vs GW-M5610 models)

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    Re: Date separator

    I like the 5610
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    Re: Date separator

    Dash is the correct answer, as it was on vintages

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    Re: Date separator

    I like the dash, more than the dot, but my opinion is purely esthetic, I think the newer module with the dot is better.

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    Re: Date separator

    There was one option left off: "Separator is irrelevant to me." If forced to choose, I'd take the dash... only because I'm used to it and it makes for a better separation between things (it is frequently used for that in many areas).

    However, I'm with Vade_R in that I'll take the module that is more suitable to me. Although I rarely have the need to use a CDT beyond 60 minutes, it would be nice to have it 24hr to be consistent with many other recent G-Shock models. A 999 hour STW is a bit of a novelty... I can't ever see the need for it and even one who'd want it surely would be better off with a dedicated stopwatch device (or computer app).
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