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    Off topic Daylight Saving Time Havoc

    Daylight Saving Time ended this AM here in the US and, in a fit of OCD, I decided to not only adjust the time on every single one of my watches, clocks, VCR's, TV's and phones; I even synchronized them all! Whew... I'm tired, anyway, I saw this at a website and thought it interesting...

    A man, born just after 12:00 a.m. DST, circumvented the Vietnam War draft by using a daylight saving time loophole. When drafted, he argued that standard time, not DST, was the official time for recording births in his state of Delaware in the year of his birth. Thus, under official standard time he was actually born on the previous day—and that day had a much higher draft lottery number, allowing him to avoid the draft.

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    Re: Daylight Saving Time Havoc

    I don't set all of my watches anymore. I just make sure they're on the right time when I choose to wear them. I got tired of sore fingers.

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