Daylight Savings officially in Effect
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Thread: Daylight Savings officially in Effect

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    Daylight Savings officially in Effect

    I'm in Melbourne Australia and Daylight Savings has come into effect as of 2am this morning. My first order of the day upon getting out of bed was to set all my digital watches (regular Casio and G-Shocks), quartz watches, wall and bedside clocks.The simpler modules just needed an hour's advance, and the other modules required me to turn on the DST feature.

    I find simple joy in 'interacting' with all my digital watches, some of which have not made it into rotation for over a month, and I am reminded of the early days in my mechanical watch collecting days. Every morning, I would 'interact' with the watches as well by manually winding or shaking them just to keep them running as some of them will not make it into rotation in time before the power reserve ran out.

    My mechanical watch collection is much smaller now, and I am not as OCD as I was with keeping them running. My G-shock collection being battery powered has also reduced the interaction between me and them. So, after setting all 20+ Casio and G-Shock watches, a grin just crept up my face as I stood back and looked at my watch shelf with a small sense of accomplishment, and nostalgia.

    So that's my DST setting experience in a nutshell. Do you get the same joy, find it a chore or not even bother with setting all your watches?

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    Re: Daylight Savings officially in Effect

    Oh yes, defenetly. Something I miss at g-shocks... but I have few mechanical watches, so that's where I get my interaction-with-watches fix I wouldn't be able to go all g-shock and selling mechanical watches, not me.
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