DB-36 100% Failure Rate!

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    DB-36 100% Failure Rate!

    Anyone else had problems with these:

    My story:
    DB-36 #1 Bought December 2002, worked great.
    DB-36 #2 Bought (wholesaler) July 2003, display faded 3 days later while pressing buttons
    DB-36 #3 Couldn't return second one, bought this one around 2004-2005, faded less than one block from the store, returned for refund.
    DB-36 #4 Bought sometime in 2007, faded 2 days later, back it went.

    DB-36 #1 The first one I bought is dying. LED flickers when the light button is pressed, lasted 7 years, but that's too short for a watch.

    I'm not the only one, but I don't know how others aren't having the same problem, maybe they're just not paying attention.


    Each time I bought a new one I thought THIS TIME they fixed it for sure, it was just a bad run during a specific timeframe, but no .

    It appears to be a bad connection to the battery or a bad solder joint.

    I like the appearance, features, price, and CR2025, but this thing is a dud.

    (oops! Time for a new watch!)

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    Re: DB-36 100% Failure Rate!

    I have owned this model since December 2009 and it's been fine. No fading or flickering. Long term---I wonder if the battery will last as long as spec'd, though I don't know how long it sat on the shelf before I bought it.
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