Deployment clasp query for GWG1000
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Thread: Deployment clasp query for GWG1000

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    Deployment clasp query for GWG1000

    I recently acquired a MudMaster GWG1000, but having small girly wrists, the strap has a very long overhang to which the following thread was dedicated.

    Now, I love this watch, and am even use to the strap which is very comfortable, but I still have an itch for a small mod!

    Some years back, I carried out a mod to add a 'deployment clasp' to a GW7900, which was very successful.

    However, with this clasp, the large tongue part of the strap overlaps the strap on the outside.

    I know there is a style of deployment clasp which allows the tongue side to come underneath the strap hence eliminating any 'overhang'.

    It's darn difficult to tell from pictures of just a deployment clasp which style it is. Anyone know if the clasp which allows the tongue to sit underneath the clasp has a specific name so I can better research it?

    This is what I mean by the tongue going underneath the strap!

    Name:  BKL500W-Omega-Style-Deployment-Clasp-4.jpg
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