Is The Devil Out To Get Me?

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    Cool Is The Devil Out To Get Me?

    Hi Everybody!

    I am back from my 3 week vacation in Magaluf Mallorca. Actually I have been home for 10 days now...

    The reason I have not written a post for so long is because I have been very sick.

    I have had lots of bad luck this year so this makes me wonder if the Devil is out to get me for some reason?

    In February during my vacation in Las Palmas Gran Canaria I suffered the flu so most of that vacation was ruined. To top that off during that vacation it turned out I had bought a fake Kingston memory card for my camera and it broke and most of my pictures was ruined. I later managed to rescue a few of them and eventually just barely managed to write a 50 G's article featuring the Green Turtle GW-400 Silencer.

    In June I became sick again. Dont know what sickness it was but I did have the fever.

    Prior to my vacation while playing with my dogs in the back yard I slipped on wet grass and suffered some bad back injury, also during this time I had a break out of birch pollen allergy. All this prevented me from sitting down for any lenght of time and also made it hard to concentrate. So once again I was prevented from making a 50G's article (I was meant to write a article about the Brasilian FIFA DW-6900WC). I was still not fully recovered when I went for vacation. So sitting down for several hours in the bus and plane was a true torture and I only barely managed it, due to pain killers.

    And during this vacation, thankfully I did not become sick, but something else really bad happened. Prior to my vacation I bought a brand new 15X Zoom Travel Zoom Compact, the Samsung WB650 with built in GPS. It cost me $400. Well It did not last long as I dropped it in a small artificial water fall while playing Mini fantasy Golf in Palmanova (Golf Fantasia). A day before this happened, in Palma city, I had stumbled across one of my Grail G's. I still have a hard time believing that I actually found it in a store in Europe. It is an expensive very rare G, and I payed $400 for it. And it was while making a shoot for a 50G's article I was planning when it happened. I had placed the watch in the water fall and after taking the shoot I slipped on wet spot I dropped the camera in the water and it was caputt, finito, dead meat in the water

    Since I had already spent $400 on a watch, I did not have enough money to buy a replacement camera. So once again I have been prevented from making the 50G's article I had planned.

    So which watch was it?

    Well it is still a little secret since I will probably make a 50G's article about it. But I do not know when it will happen.

    But wait, this is not the end of my bad luck. I did not become sick during my vacation but sure enough I became sick the very same day I returned home. And I have had a bad flu with several days of fever and pain all over my body and I have lost 8 ibs and my pants are loose!

    I have also had a really bad caugh and I still do, so i can barely speak anymore and I feel very tired and heavy in my head due to very little sleep.

    But I can feel now that I am getting better after 10 days or so. But my body feels very wasted by now!

    So all this bad luck this year then beggs the question: Is the devil out to get me?

    Well now I am finally back and I can see that lots of things have happened in the G world when I was away. I am very jealus of all GXW-56 owners. I really want one of those!
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    Re: Is The Devil Out To Get Me?

    Sorry to hear that, Joakim. Get well soon buddy.. But hey, great

    to have you back in the forum!
    best regards,

    Kirk M.


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    Re: Is The Devil Out To Get Me?

    Wow a real tale of woe there Joakim.

    I hope you are feeling better now and that your run of bad luck is over.


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    Re: Is The Devil Out To Get Me?

    I'd say you just need to cut back on HOLIDAY !!!

    Get well soon !!!

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    Wink Re: Is The Devil Out To Get Me?

    Hi Joakim,

    You seem to have quite some bad luck lately. I'm pretty curious to which watch you bought, so I hope you can do the 50 Gs article one day.

    In fact I have been watching some camera's today. I like the features of the Exilim EX-1, but I can get a Powershot SX210 IS for that price, with probably much more quality in the photo's. Reading your story, I'll guess I will go for the Exilim EX-1, as I am also a bit clumsy. That camera is 3 meter water resist. If you had that camera, it would have survived the waterfall.

    I remember about 7 years ago I was also pretty sick in summer. I lost about 10 kg. That was actually doing me pretty good. I wished it stayed off

    I hope you have better weather than here in the Netherlands, so you feel better soon,


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    Re: Is The Devil Out To Get Me?

    I'm starting to feel sick just reading this.......

    Well hopefully you get that articule finished.. and if I was you I would totally get healed before anymore trips..
    I think you were never totally recovered
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    Re: Is The Devil Out To Get Me?

    Get well soon Joakim!

    Hang on and the dark times will pass, always remember, its always a better day tomorrow!

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    Re: Is The Devil Out To Get Me?

    I wish you well - that's truly a continuing tale of woe! Welcome back, and take it easy for a change
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    Re: Is The Devil Out To Get Me?

    Welcome back Joakim.

    I'm sorry to hear about your bad run of luck. It can only get better right?

    And it sounds like you made it out alive with a rare G-Shock grail. Sometimes you have to pay a higher price than money.

    I hope you feel better. You should have some good fortune soon and forget all about these troubles.

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    Re: Is The Devil Out To Get Me?

    Maybe it's a curse on that Rare G's....(suspence Sounds....UUUiiiiiii)

    You will have to find a way to turn that curse around and make it your Amulet...

    Good luck on that Mission...

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