Did I bought Fake edifice 550 PB Chronograph

Thread: Did I bought Fake edifice 550 PB Chronograph

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    Exclamation Did I bought Fake edifice 550 PB Chronograph


    I recently bough a nice looking watch on ebay, Edifice 550 PB Chronograph. But on looking the watch i found out some of the things which made me rethink as did i just bought a fake.
    1. The Numbers on the dial are shifted.

    The watch is working perfectly along with the chronograph.
    The box included a bill, warranty card and the manual of the watch.
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    I have even contacted the seller, he told me that these watches are having minor defects which are negligible and also he is wholesale distributor,
    Thats why i dont want to disrupt someones reputation.

    The price was about $110 (on currency conversion)



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    Re: Did I bought Fake edifice 550 PB Chronograph

    I'm not familiar with that specific range of Casio watches, so don't really know what to look out for in fake/original comparison. I have to say though, that the mis-alignment of the 12 o'clock markings is definitely not in keeping with Casio's normally very strict quality control...
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    Re: Did I bought Fake edifice 550 PB Chronograph

    The watch is real but not very well put together. If it bothers you, then you have every right to have Casio own up to its mistake through their big-time distributor, your seller, when you return the watch for a refund.

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