Did I see a real G-Shock?
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Thread: Did I see a real G-Shock?

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    Did I see a real G-Shock?

    In short: I was invited to some friends and someone there was wearing something that (from far) it looked a bit like a GPW2000, but it was for sure not it.

    I could have asked that person of course, but I did not (for a good reason).

    Anyhow, I wonder if anyone has an idea what this watch may have been:

    So it kind of looked like a GPW2000, it was analog, it had (for sure) square buttons and it seemed to have a button instead of the crown.

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    Re: Did I see a real G-Shock?

    aha...visualising............closing eyes........nope, still don't see it......
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    Re: Did I see a real G-Shock?

    That's a pretty distinctive watch, so it prob was. From a distance the GA-1100 dial is similar. It doesn't have a crown, but the buttons are round. Really hard to say for sure... I would've asked lol. But I'm sure you had your reasons.

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    Re: Did I see a real G-Shock?

    excuse me, is that a G-Shock? and do you shower with it on?
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    Re: Did I see a real G-Shock?

    "Why yes, it is a G Shock, but no, I don't shower with it, it's too precious. I wear an old Submariner I picked up in Manila years ago and soak it in toilet bowl cleaner to get the calcium off. That way I can't miss the next episode of 90210. Doesn't everybody?"

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    Re: Did I see a real G-Shock?


    how about colour, materials, band type?
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    Re: Did I see a real G-Shock?

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    Sorry........still nothing

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    Re: Did I see a real G-Shock?

    Yep, it was definitely a GPW2000, no doubt about it. I am totally certain... 100%... guaranteed!

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