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    Different Lume picture

    This is a shot of a MTG 512. Pretty surprising when seen for the first time, but I like it - especially as it is very different from my normal lumes. The watch itself is ana/dig, with everything you need except temp, barometer, and a bright light.

    Sorry about the bad picture...I took it with my old Nikon CoolPix 800 in a darkened room with manual settings and no flash. Everything was hand held as I don't have the proper equipment to take really nice shots like the others on the forum.

    If you have any suggestions about taking good lume pictures, how about posting them for the folks just starting like me. Thanks
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    Re: Different Lume picture

    Hi norm,

    Sjors has taken some of the best lume shots I've seen here. He put up a "How to take a G-Shock pic" in the 'How To' section. It will take a bit of practice, though. I still haven't quite got the hang of it myselfO| . Here is the link to the 'How To' section.

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    Re: Different Lume picture

    Hi norm,
    maybe the best results are some times unexpected, but i think that your picture is in some way very nice. It looks like your watch is orbiting near the moon . You don't really need special equipment to take good lume shots, practice is the only way. You camera can be just as good as any other.
    Thanks for sharing!


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    Re: Different Lume picture

    Hi Norm,

    Cool colors! I guess you've already figured out the first and most important thing to get is a tripod! It can be a little one that will sit on a tabletop if you want. They are very 'cheap' though.

    If you want a full size tripod, trust me, you get what you pay for. Inexpensive ones aren't sturdy, but you don't need a great big one either.

    I use a tripod for all watch pix, even in bright light. It lets you get and maintain just the right angle you want for the picture.

    Shop around a bit in person and see what they're like. Maybe check camera stores to see if they have any used ones at a bargain.

    Put the watch on a watch stand, or rig something up. And use a remote release, or the self timer on the camera so you don't jiggle it when you set it off.

    And then... practise, practise, practise! The more you shoot the better you'll get. You're off to a good start already!

    Best Regards!

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    Wink Re: Different Lume picture

    Hi Norm,

    I took the picture below under very primitive circumstanced. I had to lie under my desk to create a dark place. The watch was fixed on a small box and I tried to hold the camera as fixed as possible. Sorry for the big picture. I used it as a wallpaper in the past. I just started G-Peopleland and I had not much experience in taking pictures. Since I have a Canon G-5 and a Tripod I think my pictures were improved a lot, but I still learn every day. When I worked ina Hospital laboratorium, I had a colleague who always said: "Be curious". Well, I always have been.


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