different prices in Japan?

Thread: different prices in Japan?

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    different prices in Japan?

    I see in the last japan catalogue the GW-056 list at 20.000 yen while the Mud just 13.500 Why in europe their prices are so different? the GW is at two third of the price of a mud...
    Any idea??

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    Rolling eyes Re: different prices in Japan?

    I have no clue wht the prices in specially Europe are so high. A $80.- model in the US can cost here €125.-. The MTG-930 and GW-300 were almost given away in the US, while the MTG-930 were sold here inthe stores for €175.-.

    The best places to buy G-Shock's are still Japan for the LTD ed and used if you can acces Yahoo Japan or Singapore in my opinion. Also in the US G-Shock's can be cheap, but in Europe they are very expensive.


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