Disturbing I noticed on my G-9000

Thread: Disturbing I noticed on my G-9000

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    Disturbing I noticed on my G-9000

    I only noticed this last night-- the time is off on world time for almost all the international countries. (from the US perspective)

    I realized that when I saw that Hawaii, which during Daylight Savings Time is about 3 hours behind the west coast US (i.e. Seattle), was showing only a two hour difference. I re-read the manual and did everything correctly. According to the manual for instance, west coast would be -8 GMT. Made sure that was correct; made sure the DST feature was active, everything was looking good-- Alaska, Denver, Chicago, New York ... everything was clicking into place. But Hawaii didn't show the 3 hour difference?? Then when I checked the other places like Bangkok and Tokyo, there was a discrepancy there too.

    How many of you guys have encountered this problem and what is not clicking for me in my setup that the world time is off by an hour? Anyway, thanks for any help you can offer and I did check the sticky threads before posting but didn't find one specific to my module.

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    Re: Disturbing I noticed on my G-9000

    did you consider, that you have to activate DST manually for all time zones?

    regards, holger

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    Re: Disturbing I noticed on my G-9000

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