Do G-shocks become 'old friends' quicker than other watches ?
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Thread: Do G-shocks become 'old friends' quicker than other watches ?

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    Do G-shocks become 'old friends' quicker than other watches ?

    I have read a few threads along the lines of the recent Thread: Help for old friend GL-100

    where some one (in this case) has had a watch 13 years and considers it an old friend.

    I have a 22 year old Accurist and a 18 year old Seiko 5 mechanical and a Oris that is about 17 years old compared to a G-shock of about 15 or 16 years old.

    But when I think of what they have done, the G has:-

    • climbed up a roof to fix tiles.
    • Assembled a greenhouse.
    • Swam with my kids.
    • timed my kids :- holding breath, races etc
    • timed numerous barbeques
    • exercised.
    • Used on holiday as a 'beater'.

    So my G is younger than other watches - but has seen more 'life' ??

    Do G's become 'old friends' quicker because they are worn no matter what ? Good times and bad times ?


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    Re: Do G-shocks become 'old friends' quicker than other watches ?

    true that !!! all of my other non-Gshock watches didn't bond with me as well, when I look at them, I only remember what the clothes i worn with, the dates I went out with, or the office job I was performing ... with Gshocks it's like what you said, more memorable
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    Re: Do G-shocks become 'old friends' quicker than other watches ?

    It's true for me. I always think of various "adventures" I've had while wearing specific ones.
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    Re: Do G-shocks become 'old friends' quicker than other watches ?

    Interesting premise. I wouldn't say that a G-Shock becomes an old friend "quicker" per se... it's more about the memorable experiences you have with it. Like you said, your G-Shock has accompanied you doing many things in your life, mostly the simple kind that warm your heart on reflection. Mechanical watches need to be treated with extra care, and are often worn in safe environments. They can certainly hold special memories too, though. I like to think of the guy who wore his Omega Speedmaster at his wedding and took it with him when he traveled the world on business and vacations, while a G-Shock was relegated to the gritty and grimy tasks of life. Both can have their own place.

    If I was fortunate enough to have the wherewithal to own an Omega Speedmaster, I'd equate it to being my fine thoroughbred stallion. Bold and refined, but needing great care. And a trusty DW-5600C G-Shock would be my Labrador retriever. Loyal, reliable, scrappy, and just keeps on going, eating whatever food you throw its way.

    Snapping back to reality -- funny enough... as yet, I've had just one watch that has been with me for 15 years (a Citizen Eco-drive) and while it was a daily wearer for a good bulk of it, it has been displaced by a buffet of G-Shock choices. None of the G-Shocks I own have been with me for more than 4 years. No amazing trail of memories to linger on. The upcoming Rangeman has a lot of appeal for me. I have a feeling based on how rugged it is built and the array of functions it comes with, that it's a good candidate to be a "lifetime" watch. Hopefully some great outdoor memories to build with it.
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