does anyone else goto ?

Thread: does anyone else goto ?

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    Question does anyone else goto ?

    I get a forbidden 403 page when i go there any ideas?

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    Re: does anyone else goto ?

    Don't know, and it won't work via Google's link, either. You can, however check it out at YouTube:
    watchreport - YouTube

    Thank you, I'm flattered, but, please don't click any "Likes" for me (unless there's a prize for "most likes")?

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    Re: does anyone else goto ?

    Yeah, I'm getting the same response. Weird. I wonder if they were hacked, or maybe there is some kind of temporary ISP server issue.

    The site definitely changed quite a bit as Christian Cantrell backed off (he is either the founder or co-founder of the website). But Paul and James have continued to make steady reports on various watch models, so it's not like the website has been sitting around collecting electron dust.
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    Re: does anyone else goto ?

    im using chrome on mac and when I went to the site a file called "download.gz" downloaded automatically that is really weird. I see their channel on youtube frequently though

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