does anyone know any good brokers???

Thread: does anyone know any good brokers???

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    Confused does anyone know any good brokers???

    hi! i am under the impression that in order to purchase a particular watch from japan, and have it shipped to the uk/us i have to deal thru some form of broker. i just need to find a good/reliable one and if anyone has any recommendations, they will be(as always) greatly appreciated:thanks. im trying to find a G 5600RB J1 that just happens to be not uncommon in japan but as far as i can tell is a hard as hell to find in the states. the only bite on my WTB post was an aussie that wanted $220us, i can get it off of for only 14,000 yen!!! can anyone help

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    Re: does anyone know any good brokers???

    These two gentlemen will look after you:



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    Re: does anyone know any good brokers???

    try ebay first. alot of the sellers in tokyo will find watches for you and put them out at previously agreed upon price. try puresoulhide on ebay. he seemed pretty helpful. just try to insure that they do a deal away from ebay so they can save the ebay fees.

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