Double Cassette Mechanism - this is rich!

Thread: Double Cassette Mechanism - this is rich!

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    Double Cassette Mechanism - this is rich!

    Hey anyone remember "dubbing" a tape. Oh yeah this is the G-shock for you! It's got a double cassette mechanism! It's also quakeproof for those of you in areas so prone to this natural disaster.

    I just wish Casio new how ahead of the curve they were with this one! (actually I wish Casio would just do a little policing on Ebay, it wouldn't take much really but it would go a long way to preventing this kind of crap)

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    Re: Double Cassette Mechanism - this is rich!
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    Re: Double Cassette Mechanism - this is rich!

    Definitely the least plausible item I've ever seen on Ebay. LMAO.
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    Re: Double Cassette Mechanism - this is rich!

    I think something was lost in translation there. That is amazing.

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    Re: Double Cassette Mechanism - this is rich!

    Hilarious! I got a laugh out of that one.
    "double obviously double cassette mechanism"? What the heck is that supposed to mean?
    And it is "quakeproof"?! Awesome!
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    Re: Double Cassette Mechanism - this is rich!

    Understandable; I've just put the phrase through Google translate and back again a few times, and the English is different every time; A clear two campaigns, A clear two-sport, An obvious double pair of sport, A pair of apparent double movement.

    I know what they meant to say, but quakeproof is brilliant.
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    Re: Double Cassette Mechanism - this is rich!

    Already removed, so I guess I missed it.

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