DW 5000 is the bezel harder to find...more

Thread: DW 5000 is the bezel harder to find...more

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    DW 5000 is the bezel harder to find...more

    Is the bezel for the DW 5000 harder and harder to find? It seems that is getting expensive and not to many retailers carry it. Will it happen the same like the DW 5700? Is Casio still making them? I remeber they used to be $7 not to long ago. In particular in USA has anybody actually bought a DW 5000 original lately? If so please let me know where from and price.

    Very much appreciated.

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    Ah, they are still out there

    Casio still makes them in plenty as they have a large market for them. I got mine about 2 months ago for about $30. This was a bezel and strap kit so for about $30 I got a authentic bezel and kit for my DW-5600C (which shares the same bezel and strap as the 5200 and 5000)


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    Re: DW 5000 is the bezel harder to find...more

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