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    DW-5200 for GW-M5600-1VR

    Hi guys,
    During last working shift I had a long conversation wit my chieff on watches.
    He said he had had what seems to be a DW-5200 from new back in 1984-85. I haven't seen the watch myself although I've shown him many pics of various DW-5xxx models. The watch has lost its bezel and original strap is missing too.
    I offered him swapping his vintage 5200 for a brand new GW-M5600-1VR.
    What do you think? Would you trade it?

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    Re: DW-5200 for GW-M5600-1VR

    do it cause those 1984 won't be back and you can still have an 1984 dw-5200 cause only dw-5000, ww-5100, dw-5200, ww-5300, dw-5400 and dw-5500 have an half hour beep and no other watch does that and only 240 modules was dw-5000, dw-5200, dw-5400 and dw-5500 and 491 was ww-5100 and ww-5300 and those are same as 240 but no light and i would if i did'nt never had dw-5200 cause i really like old g-shocks and those have 10 minutes beep as either on countdown and stopwatch and below is my dw-5200.
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    Re: DW-5200 for GW-M5600-1VR

    Go for it and restore it!

    The GWM5600 will be easily available for a long time.

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    Re: DW-5200 for GW-M5600-1VR

    i think its a no brainer personally, but be careful cuz it would be a pitty to lose a friend over the swap. if your chief ever finds out how much the older watches are worth that is. but if he just wants a functional watch and dosent care about all that stuff then...well like i said "no brainer"
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