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    DW-5600C Gaskets

    I've been after a couple of new DW-5600C gaskets for my existing watch and one that is incoming. Where to look first? Naturally I went to Keith at TikTox.

    Unfortunately he had this news:

    "Had an e mail back from Casio (UK) to say that the 5600C gaskets are
    no longer available. I'm going to try Casio Japan direct and Casio USA to see if I can source some."

    So if you're in the UK, it looks like eBay or an overseas distributor is the only way to get your DW-5600C gaskets. I've managed to source a couple from Culver City.

    Does anyone know if the gasket from another watch would fit a 5600C?
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    Re: DW-5600C Gaskets

    any quality gasket of the same size will do fine. original casio is best choice but is not necessary the only way.
    gerry fonklover

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    Re: DW-5600C Gaskets

    This is interesting...

    I got a DW-5600C gasket from Casio UK just a couple of months ago. I just rang them up, gave them the part number and they double checked it. They didn't have any in stock, but said they could obtain it from Japan, so I placed an order (as I recall there's a standard handling charge of £2.50 plus the cost of the part). The gasket arrived from them a few weeks later - easy!

    I'd give that a try.

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